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About Us

What Our Schools Provide

Expert Faculty

ALDS member schools are committed to providing their faculty with the research-based training ensuring all teachers have a deep understanding of their students varying needs. With this training, faculty can provide a customized educational approach to learning for every student.

Individualized Support

At ALDS schools, students benefit from personalized instruction and targeted interventions to meet their individual needs. Grounded in the Science of Reading, our schools ensure students receive the best research has to offer empowering them to excel and thrive.

Community Belonging

At member schools, students and families are welcomed into a larger community where their needs are diligently met. Our schools are committed to nurturing each student's growth as both learners and individuals, creating an environment where students feel truly valued and supported.

Unleashed Potential

We know that each student has their own unique gifts and talents. ALDS schools help students identify and embrace these talents in ways they never dreamed were possible. In doing so, we foster an environment where students not only excel academically but also discover their true potential.